Sunday, July 28, 2013

Cop vs. Crazy Lady

 Cop vs. Crazy Lady
I found this great gem on Reddit and it will entertain.
This woman has range. She goes from 10-100 in 5 minutes. She probably ended up in jail, but she will get out because of her “condition”. Clearly, there is something wrong with her.  Once you get that crazy ball rolling, it doesn't stop.  
-Nice 101 Dalmatians shirt you have there, lady.  (Yes, I noticed) 
-She's ready to explode: Well, she DID warn them that she was ready to explode. And, she breaks people's arms, or so she claims. Why brag about that in front of a cop?
-Cop is having fun: Clearly, this cop is having a bit of fun with the situation. “Don't break arms right now. I got to get this written up. Okay?” If you look closely, the cop has a bit of smirk toward the middle of the video.
-She threatens the guy and then tells the cop it is a threat!: Brilliant. Criminal now admit to crimes before they happen!  "I am going to rob a bank tomorrow, Officer." 
-YouTube and the Internet: I love that she hates the Internet and YouTube. It is the mention of YouTube that sets her completely off. She doesn't like to be on the Internet at all. How would she know if the video was posted then?
-When all else fails, threaten to sue the cop and the guy. Is she taking notes from the Space Church?
-“I don't believe in the Internet!”: Well, it believes in you.

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