Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Whistle While You Twurk

Whistle While You Twurk
Twerking, only if we knew how much this form of dancing would take over popular culture. Damn you, Ying Yang Twins, I want to hate you. But, this song is so stupid that I actually like it. But, it is one of the strangest songs out there for a couple reasons...
1 The song is about strippers dancing and queefing: When I go to the strip club, I don't need the added bonus of the girls farting from the lower regions. That's not something I paid for, but if you want that, have at it.

2 Snow White's “Whistle while you work”: Yes, they sampled that part from Snow White's famous song. Now, every time I hear Whistle While You Work”, I think of strippers queefing. Thanks a lot, YY Twins. BTW, they got into some legal trouble with Disney and they had to change the song for the music video.
Anyway, this is a very dumb song, but damn it is catchy.    

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