Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Random Things

Random Things
 ~Jenny McCarthy joins The View: I would have taken the other girl over this one. I hate McCarthy. I don't think she has much talent. If she had talent, she'd be working all these years. Playboy and the media forced her down our throats telling us she was the “it” girl. I never found her attractive or funny. She also believes vaccines can cause autism and has a public stance against them. Now, The View has given her loopy cause a platform and that's dangerous. The View has just gotten dumber.  
Side Note:  I also find it amusing that she was considered the poor-female version of Jim Carrey with all her unfunny expression and wacky stunts.  Then, she started dating him. 
  ~Geraldo Rivera is pretty fit for a old fart: I hate Rivera, but I'll give him props for his body. And, not in a gay sort of way, but a “dude” sort of way. None of this is coming out right, crap. Anyway, Rivera decided to do a selfie with an almost completely nude photo. The man is 70 years old and looks pretty good. Plus, he's 70 years old and doing “selfies” come on, Rivera. Next, you will be doing duck faces. Please stop.
~Sacha Baron Cohen leaves the Freddie Mercury movie: I remember reading about his casting a long time ago and said, “Yeah that works.” But, I guess the living members of Queen have been sticking their fingers in a little bit too much for Cohen's taste. He got pissed and left. Or, maybe he knew the movie was going to be shit and bolted.
~Chick gets pulled over and her nude iPhone photos and videos get sent to a police officer: Supposedly, a cop, while pulling her over, took her cell phone and forwarded nude photos and videos to his cell phone while she wasn't looking. One has to wonder how many times has he done this? While it falls under being a man, it is more than a little creepy that a cop would do this while on duty.

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