Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Man with pool gets naked woman and clothed guy.

Man with pool gets naked woman and clothed guy.
That takes big balls or lack of them to pull this off. So this woman asked to swim in this 50+ year old's pool outside. She took off her clothes and swam for 20 minutes. Get this, he watched her the entire time as she swam around with only her birthday suit on. I am not giving him crap for it, but he should have known something was up with that. No just comes up to you and gets naked unless she is crazy, wants some drugs, at a party, or has a partner on the down low trying to steal your stuff.
Now, it just gets better. He supposedly told her to meet him up at church afterward. From Huffington Post, (("I escorted her outside and invited her to church, but she said she didn't have time for that," the victim told WKRN. ))
Yeah, I am sure you were thinking about church when you were watching her naked the whole time, guy. And, she doesn't have time for that because she will be counting your crap that she stole. Look, don't add the church thing to story to save face.
From, ((Police said the victim got an even bigger surprise when he returned to his home, discovering missing jewelry, medications and a handgun -- all worth an estimated $1,195. ))
Ouch, I thought I got bushwhacked with my bike getting stolen. 

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