Sunday, July 14, 2013

George Zimmerman found not guilty and my thoughts (rant)

George Zimmerman found not guilty
Now that he's free, he can go on eating burgers and pork skins. Enjoy your freedom, asshole. 
Once the prosecution brought out Trayvon Martin's “girlfriend”, I knew the case was lost. The defense could make this kid out to be ghetto and evoke fear in the jury. This really pisses me off, because I have lived the moments that Trayvon Martin encountered that night.  While I didn’t have a gun pulled out on me, I’ve had people literally follow me around parking lots and around stores because of my skin color.  I’ve had police stop me while biking around the city because I fit a description of a car theft. 
The Martin vs Zimmerman thing went too far.  There was a fight and Martin was killed.  It was terrible that not even the police bothered to investigate the shooting, and refuse to charge Zimmerman.  That’s because no one in that seems to care that another black kid was killed.  This was a child in high school, a weed smoker, but not involved in gang activity.  What would have happened if Martin were the one that shot Zimmerman instead and had the right to carry a gun?  Martin would have been shot by the police officers or arrested for murder bet on it. 
Then there is this from, ((The panel of six women deliberated more than 16 hours over two days until nearly 10 p.m. on Saturday (0200 GMT Sunday) before delivering the verdict, which drew immediate condemnation from some civil rights groups.))
Six people on a jury and all of them white. Martin didn't have a chance.
I'm a guy that strongly believes people should defend themselves and have a right to carry a gun. I've had property stolen from me, and I think everyone has the right to defend themselves and keep the stuff they've bought. But, killing a kid that only went to a store to pick up some stuff is taking it too far. The biggest problem I have with this incident has to with Zimmerman's actions before the fight.
First, he followed this kid around. Second, the 911 guy straight up told Zimmerman NOT to follow the kid around after he made the call. Zimmerman followed him anyway. No one is making a bigger case about this fact. And, it shows that Zimmerman was not going to let this guy get away despite the fact that Martin only had an ice tea and a box of candy.
Trayvon should have walked away and ignored this loser. Zimmerman had no authority to keep him there. When you see someone like this following, you don't stop to confront. You never know what a person like has up their sleeves, as Trayvon found out. We, as black men, have to learn that s backing down can lead to better end results. We need to start teaching our children to back away from heated encounters, because crazy and fearful people are arming themselves to the teeth. Every time I've been stopped or confronted by concerned citizens or cops, I've kept my cool.

However, Martin didn't deserve to die no matter what happened that night. And, the fact that Zimmerman got away with it sickens me. Let's not forget a young boy died with only an ice tea in hand.  

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