Friday, July 26, 2013

Random Stuff

 Random Stuff
~About that train accident in Spain: Yes, the conductor was going too fast around that corner. The video of the crash is very intense. Going around corners on trains can be very bad, and that was a sharp curve. Keep in mind that the train that jump the tracks and exploded in Canada also hit a curve. Those cars were loose and hit that curve at a high rate of speed.
~Roman Polanski's victim writes a book: I find it interesting that she uses the very picture that started it all. Roman started taking pictures of this 13 year old girl and that's when things started to go crazy. Some people are upset over the photo, but it raises eyebrows and not in a truly offensive way like many of things. It doesn't matter what people think, she was 13 he was 43. That is creepy as hell. Roman is a real bastard especially when he left the country after setting up a plea deal.
~Dog Sitting for two weeks: This has made my day taking care of a dog again. Having him sit nearby as I write this blog. I still can't see myself owning a dog again because I took my dog's death really hard. However, it is nice to have little friend sleeping nearby.
~Bruce Willis being a dick? : Really? Shocking. Willis has been known to be a total dick when he wants to be. From what I've read, these press interviews are really draining, but this goes beyond the d-bag levels. Bruce is pissed off and doesn't want to be there at all. I guess we can chalk this up to old age. And, keep in mind Kevin Smith has told some stories about his interactions with Bruce as well and they're shocking, but funny.   

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