Saturday, July 27, 2013

Nice Software, Stephanie

Nice Software, Stephanie
Yes, even male robots are horny little devils. Number Five, I have to agree with you. Stephanie is very cute. I remember having a young crush on Ally Sheedy and she was looking very nice in the bath scene. I also love that Number Five takes a peek at her “upgrades” so to speak. 
 “Nice Software.” Actually, it would be hardware because software would be on the inside, unless he's looking at her guts. But, I'll let that one pass. 
 Ally, while cute, isn't very good in the movie and the robot out acts her at every turn. But, she also acting against two of the leads of the Police Academy movies!
And, I also like to note that Ally Sheedy has aged well.  
 Hey, I still use older software too, because it doesn't have the bugs the newer versions have. 

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