Monday, July 15, 2013

Corrections on the fake names KTVU story...

Corrections on the fake names KTVU story...
It seems it was a NTSB intern that wired the names to the news station. And, the intern is now fired. That actually makes the whole thing even worst. That means someone professional at the station took the call, wrote the names, and gave it to director and producers. That means the names were filtered through even more people than before that should have knew better.
By the way, NTSB stand for National Transportation Safety Board. Speaking of the NTSB, does that mean the intern made the racist and tasteless names up as a joke or did someone send him the fake names? Something is missing here.
From Huffington Post, ((A spokeswoman for the agency said that the intern was a student who was supposed to answer phones and pass media inquiries along to the appropriate people, and had "acted outside the scope of his authority." ))
However, that doesn't seem to answer the question. It just adds more questions. “Acted outside the scope of his authority” seems to imply two things. He made the names up, or someone sent them to him. Both make his look stupid.

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