Wednesday, July 17, 2013

That car looks familiar

That car looks familiar
I was riding my back from the Louisville Zoo back to the River Front Park. I passed through a rather seedy area, and I sat at the red light on Broadway. I looked to the left of me and saw a parking structure encased in a tall fenced-in area. In that fenced area there were at least ten cars in there. It looked like it was place where someone left the collection of car they owned.
I looked closer and noticed a white Volkswagen Beetle, but not just a normal VW Beetle. There were racing stripes going down the middle of the Beetle. On the side, there were two numbers inside a white circle. I looked closer it was the number 53.
It was Herbie the Lovebug. 
 I believe that was the 1969 version, but I could be wrong, but I am certain it was the “Goes Bananas” version. Someone turned a Beetle into Herbie from the movies and TV show. Minus Lindsay Lohan, thankfully.
That made my day. 

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