Thursday, July 04, 2013

Random Things

Random Things
 ~Norton Anti-virus, you're a real asshole. Despite “hiding icon and notifications” with the Norton program, I still keep getting the damn “Gone” warning! Why are you trying to piss people off? Are you trying to lose your user base? 
~Yahoo Movies have a great story about 8 signs that a movie will be a flop: I love the jab against Jeff Lyons. But, they're right on the money when it comes to studios refusing to open the movie up to critics. That's always a bad sign. They also mention shifting release dates as a problem. While it worked for GI Joe II, it showed that the production was going through some major problems. And, having having Eddie Murphy in your movie will destroy your chances at making money. 
 ~Speaking of flops, it looks like The Lone Ranger is ripe for becoming a turkey. People forget that Disney did put a stop light on the project unless they reduced the budget. After Jonah Hex and Wild Wild West, why on Earth would anyone even bother making a FX, big Budgeted western? I have no desire to ever see this movie, no one I know wants to see it either. However, I still think this movie will have a bigger overseas opening than in North America because Europe loves Johnny Depp. They're the ones that made Pirates 4 a hit. (And, they going to start filming on Pirates 5 soon).
 ~Scarf Boy=Johnny Depp: Speaking of Johnny Depp, are we tired of this guy's millions of scarfs? Adam Carrolla called him Scarf Boy and it makes sense. Can a grown man have too many ugly scarfs?
 I see the palm trees in the background.  Why are you wearing two scarfs? 

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