Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Xbox President leaves Microsoft for Zynga

Xbox President leaves Microsoft for Zynga
This is the same guy that told people to buy a Xbox 360 if they wanted an offline system.
Despite what the companies are saying about the switch up, this has to be an early exit after letting the PR ball slip with that DRM incident. I'm sure he was planning on leaving, but I think he was shown the door early by MS. It makes it even stranger that he worked at Microsoft, profitable company, but he's going to a struggling gaming company. Zynga is considered annoying and cheap by many gamers. Has anyone played Farmville lately? Is there anything he can do to turn the tide at Zynga? Since Facebook dropped them, no one's talked about playing their games.
Was he the one truly responsible for all the DRM stuff involved with the Xbox One? Probably, but I am sure he had support from above. When the Internet blew up over the DRM issue, I think the company wanted someone to blame, and he probably needed to take some of that blame.  It just seems odd to let him leave right before the launch of the new system.  

It reminds me of the time when Sega fired the US president of Sega during the hoopla of their launch .  
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