Monday, July 15, 2013

KTVU-TV, you got some explaining to do...Fake names for the flight crew

KTVU-TV, you got some explaining to do...Fake names for the flight crew
 Wait, that doesn't look or sound right. 
Remember that flight that crash landed? These aren't the flight crews names.
Yes, you heard that right. It's not only racist, but tasteless as well. You can also hear the newscaster realize that names are bogus as she reads them.
Captain Sum Ting Wong: Something Wrong
Wi Tu Lo: We too low
Ho Lee Fuk: Holy Fuck
Bang Ding Ow!
Are you kidding me? I can't believe they screwed up by showing the visual, but made it worst by reading the names out loud. It takes a lot of stupidity to screw up this bad and KTVU-TV was able to do it. I can't believe no one said, “Stop the presses! Hey, we can't send this out. There is something wrong with the names! Look!”
Now, Asiana Airlines intends on suing the news station. And, I can see their point, but I wouldn't sue the station though. Give the station a ear full and move on, you got other problems to deal with.  And, it is in poor taste to make jokes when someone dies, a racial one at that. I honestly believe the airline company doesn't have a chance of winning the lawsuit. There are rules in place that protect media companies that make mistakes during active and fast moving stories. (That Media Law class really has helped me)  But, there is a chance they could win, but I am guessing there will be a settlement outside of court.
So, where did they get these racist names from? What was their source? Did they just pull the names out of their collective asses? Right now they're blaming a summer intern for the “mistake”. When all else fails, you always blame the guy or girl that isn't on the payroll. This probably happened the way they described, but someone should have looked over the names.
From The LA Times, (("The names were presented by the station, to the intern for confirmation," NTSB spokeswoman Kelly Nantel told the network. "The intern did not make up the names and provide them to the station."
Somerville said the station didn't properly verify who at the NTSB was confirming the names.))

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