Monday, February 21, 2011

Naked Wizard (What the heck?)

Dude, you reeeaaalllly need to put on some damn clothes. (Not safe for work or anything place else)
I will not show the video here, but there seems to be a guy that went around the Coachella festival buck-naked...with a very small honker.
Why is it that the people that shouldn't get naked are always the ones that do get naked in public?
Supposedly, this 'tiny' man is called the Naked Wizard around the inter-tubes.
Who is this guy?
Did he use a disrobing spell on himself?
Why would you get naked if you hat that equipment?
I really feel bad for those cops because they had to touch him...a naked dude.
Here's his proud mugshot.  


MC said...

Why am I reminded of this?

Semaj said...

I love that clip, it does sum up the video above without the terrible nudity.

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