Thursday, February 24, 2011

Uh, Extreme gamers: 16-year-old kills his mom because she banned him from playing PS3

I've wrote in the past that there seems to be this extreme section of hardcore fanboys and gamers out there that seem to push a little bit too hard. It seems everyone from even the cool kids are turning into trolls and fanboys. Certain kids go crazy over getting banned or grounded from games.
Kendall Anderson and his mother got into a heated argument about something.  And, his mother grounded him from playing his PS3.  That was when he plotted to murder her, the woman that gave birth to him. 
((For the next three hours, Kendall paced the floor in his room in their Philadelphia home, plotting revenge against his mom for this egregious act of forced gaming withdrawal. When she finally went to sleep, he snuck into her room, then bashed her 20 times with a hammer. ))
How about going outside and meeting people?  How about taking a walk or something?  Bashing in the head of your mother that birthed you and kept a roof over your sorry head deserved better.  The last image she saw in the world was of her son attacking her with a hammer. 
Oh, it gets worst much worst.  From True Crime Report,
((As you might expect, he isn't the brightest kid. He then dragged her body to the kitchen, where he hoped to cremate her in the oven. He apparently thought it would be as easy as overcooking a pizza.

This didn't work so well. So to make sure she was dead, he took a chair leg and repeatedly bashed her in the head. When he was certain she was gone, he dragged her into the back yard and covered her body with debris. ))
He then reported his mother missing to the PD, and they naturally discovered her in the backyard.  This guy is an animal, I’m sorry.  While videogames shouldn’t be to blame for this, the culture of not having any human interaction or life outside VG needs to be looked into.  I think parents need to find a balance between gaming and actually making your kids have social lives.  Adults have the ability to choose how much gaming they need to play, but kids don’t. I've watched personally as one guy ruin his life over videogames. He doesn't do anything else but play videogames. (he's gained about 40 pounds too)
But, still this is an extreme case. 
I may have arguments and problems with my mother, but I'd never consider doing that. Here's hoping he lives with that terrible decision for the rest of his life in prison.

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