Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Facebook Breakup Notifier

You tell me if this Facebook Breakup Notifier isn’t creepy
So, this app tells you if the woman or dude you’ve been stalking is now single.  That’s just creepy.  If you’re friends with them, you’ll get a note that their relationship status has changed anyway.  So, this app helps you to become a better stalker.  That doesn’t help the stalk-ie. 
So, if you want to know when that girl you’ve been stalking is on the market, there’s an app for that. 
I can guarantee no one will be using that app on me.  I have yet had a true stalker other than fans of Jesse Camp. 
Things you’ll never see on Facebook:  James is now in a relationship…I don’t think Facebook would let me change my status to “in a relationship” because it has been stuck on “single” forever.  And, I’ve gotten use to the damn “single” ads on my profile. 
Speaking of the fine art of stalking, I could never be a stalker because it takes a lot of effort, money or time.  Three things I don’t have.  Think about the amount of gas money you’ll have to spend following them around.  I’m just too lazy about that. 


Nick said...

I wish I were surprised. I really, really do.

Semaj said...

I can't imagine what they'll come up with next

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