Monday, February 28, 2011

Growing Craps

Can you imagine the sheer power of D-baggy-ness of within this photo, I found on Amber’s blog “Nostomanic”Kirk Cameron alone can fill the room of shitty-ness, but the added power of Jeremy Miller gives it more staying power. 
So, what happened to Jeremy Miller?  He rested on his laurels from Growing Pains and sort of retired.  You know it is a sad time when he receives less work than Kirk Cameron


MC said...

Though consider the alternative... he could have tried to hold onto fame by appearing on every reality show that was out there.

Stepping back and saying you are done with seeking fame is noble when compared with that.

Semaj said...

But, I have to wonder if Growing Pains kind of harmed his career given how popular the show was. And, you're right given what we've seen of Cory Feldman lately.

But It would grind my gears if my co-star turned turds into gold by finding a certain market and making millions off that market like Kirk Cameron

Anonymous said...

Good post.

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