Friday, February 04, 2011


The Founding Fathers of YouTube Poop
There is a good interview by KYM with the founders of YTP.  They go in depth into the origins of YouTube Poop.  And, if anyone has read this blog for a while know how much I love YouTube videos, and it will probably be the reason I will never make a video of myself on YT. 
They even go into the even stranger MAD vids (Japanese videos), which are a strange outgrowth of that. 
I always loved the YT Poops because they are very similar in the manner of humor my friends and I would do while hanging out between classes in high school.  And, it was probably the reason we didn’t have girlfriends or get laid.  We’d make up random things make fun of them. 
Here’s is one of my favorite ones…SW poop
Everything explodes…

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