Sunday, February 27, 2011

Major League 3, uh I mean Major League 4...Charlie Sheen wants in

Sheen: "Hey, at least we're not in prison.  Am I right fellas?"
Bernsen:  "Being on Two and Half Men is Prison enough, Charlie.  Am I right?" 
Yes, there was a Major League 3 called Major League: Back to the Minors and it starred Scott Bakula post Quantum Leap.
Well, Sheen needs to keep his drug and pornstar train rolling and it runs on green stuff.  And, it keeps getting better.
From Screen Crave, ((According to EW, Morgan Creek “currently have a script for another sequel from David Ward, who wrote the screenplay for the original. This time around, the Indians convince Vaughn, Willie Hayes (Wesley Snipes), and Pedro Cerrano (Dennis Haysbert) to re-join the team as bench players to help salvage their season, but complications ensue when Vaughn’s long-estranged son, born out of wedlock, joins the team from the minors.” Unfortunately, Corbin Bernsen’s character Roger Dorn won’t be in the mix this time. ))
Well, Wesley Snipes is in prison and Dennis Haysbert is busy with insurance ads and being president. Corbin Bernsen is Q2 and being Corbin Bernsen. When you can't get CB to come back, you know you are in trouble because he was third and shittier version of the franchise part 3.
As I stated before, Sheen isn't exactly in the best shape for another run in the Major League franchise. I loved the first movie, but didn't really like the second one. I've never seen the third one.
Wild Thing, you make my poop sing

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