Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Gaga Egg

Yet again, I am amazed how many stunts Lady Gaga can pull and still have fans.  I know that I am beating a dead horse.  (Why would someone want to beat a dead horse anyway?)  But, why come to the Grammys encased in a giant egg with some milky substance?  Okay, I didn’t like the meat dress she wore a couple of months back, but this is downright stupid.  She showed up in a damn Cadbury egg. (as Adam Carolla said on his podcast.)
I have to repeat this again.  She can actually sing, but chooses to do these goofy stunts then claim that she is merely expressing herself (not Madonna).  It’s called marketing yourself on the most basic level.  Instead of showing off actual skill, distract them with fireworks and shiny things. 
Look, I know many artists have tried to pull these media stunts before, but not on the sheer goofy scope as Gaga.   And, she’s not the worst as far as crass.  I remember a certain Tiger Woods mistress calling the tabloids and waiting for the paparazzi to show up.  That’s lower than showing up in a giant egg with strange stuff inside. 

Yep, Gaga has own look and never copies off of Madonna.  Note: Madonna has kept quiet about the "Born This Way" "Express Yourself" story, but her brother has been bashing Gaga left and right.  Madonna did update her YouTube site with a concert of Express Yourself.  So, she's kind of mad about it, but I don't think she wants to have the younger fans of Gaga to attack her.  

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