Monday, February 28, 2011

Random Thoughts

What is that "putting lipstick on a pig" saying again?  Or is it a pop star?
 Random Thoughts
~I'm not sure where I am going to apply next for a newspaper gig, but it looks like the school newspaper won't give me a call. And, that's okay, but a bit troubling.
~Kanye West gets into a little hot water over his Twitter remarks: Please, someone take the Twitter away from celebrities. Twitter has caused more harm than good for people. Remember, that Ashley Todd has a Twitter account, the one that scratched a “B” on her face. Kanye Made some remarks about women getting knocked up and trying to get cash for abortions. Kanye is a bit off, but not controversial. There are certainly women that use a child as a paycheck, but not for abortion money.
~Justin Bieber, can he just go away?: Why is this guy getting more fame and stories than anyone else in the world? I can't take a dump without hitting a story about this guy. Just why was he on CSI again? Why is his Ellen haircut even news via twitter?
~Cop Rock review: Before Glee, there was a show that was part cop show and part musical. I am still shocked a network decided to make the show in the first place. But, I wonder if the show would be popular today.

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