Monday, February 14, 2011

Diffen: Comparing one thing to another

Diffen: Comparing one thing to another
Because I spend a lot time wondering around the “series of tubes”, I usually get curious and discover really cool sites.  Diffen is one of those sites. 
Some of the coolest ones I've tried were
Tortoise vs Turtle: Now I know the difference. Tortoises live around 40 to 150 years and have rounder shells. They like to live on land, while turtles love the water more. Plus Turtles make better pets than Tortoises.
Frog vs. Toad: I've had many frogs as pets, but never any toads. I know that many frogs like water, but there are tree frogs that seem more toad like in environment, but have smoother skin than toads.
Batman Vs. Spider-man: This one is interesting because they've had a few crossovers over the years. While they both bounce around on rooftops, they really don't have that much in common.
Affect vs. Effect: I try to avoid using “affect” if all possible, because one of my journalism teachers expressed her dislike of the word and the confusion. “Effect” is a noun and “affect” verb.
Love vs. Lust: Well, one hurts and the other one gives you STDs.
Anyway, this site is a great way to waste a few hours comparing various things to each other.


Sid said...

Really cool website. Thanks for sharing, James. You forgot to mention it's a wiki. So you can even create your own comparisons.

Semaj said...

No problem, I spent like an hour and half just reading some of the comparisons. Man, it is really neat.

I'll try to update it with the Wiki note when I get a chance.

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