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Blogging Thoughts: The Birth a blog and its evolution

Blogging Thoughts: The Birth a blog and its evolution
Because blog anniversary is coming up on the 11th of this month, I thought I’d get reflective on your ass.  So, I’m setting aside all of the fart and boob jokes for something a little deeper. 
I’ve been blogging since 2005, and I’ve seen my fair share of blogs being born and blogs dying a slow death.  But, I want to focus in on this blog. 
I’ve been blogging since February 2005.  In blogging years, that’s like 50 years.  Starting out, I believe I created the blog because some of the other people I used to talk on a music site started their own blogs.  I considered making the blog and then finally gave in and published it.  And, the rest is what we say is history. 
My first post…
There will be more here in time.
My very first post was crude and stupid, but it got the blogging juices flowing.  (Eww) For the first few years, my blogging was terrible, but getting progressively better with each month.  While it is difficult to look back at those older posts, it is interesting seeing a young Semaj writing with such raw energy and meanness that I almost miss that part of my writing.  Part of the fun of blogging back then was that no one really read your blog outside a few steady readers.  So, you could say anything you wanted.  Yet, there wasn’t much in the way of attention. 
Today, if you make fun of someone, they’re bound to come upon your blog through searches, word IDs.  Google and other search engine now instantly track your every post and you could get hits within a matter of seconds if it is a live event. 
However, I think I’ve become a better blogger and writer with the passage of time.  I’ve made some connections and impacts on the Internet that I couldn’t have imagined back in 2005.  Every time I’ve been referenced on a posts or website, it simply amazes me.  And, it is these things with the comments that keep me from walking away from this blog.  Yet, sticking with this blog has brought me both negative and positive attention.  But, it has been mostly positive attention that has had an impact on me. 
And, considering that blogging has changed over the years.  The shift away from long form blogging to short form has become apparent to me.  And, the afterbirth of Twitter has a lot to do with this terrible shift.  You cannot get the same emotions across or info through 150-140 characters, as you would have with a true blog.  But, I’m starting to see more and more blogs die and being replaced with Twitter accounts.  This trend needs to be curbed. 
I’ll probably have more to say later about my blog.  I’ll probably get into some of the more real events connected to my blog and blog accomplishments.  

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