Monday, February 14, 2011

The Camp of Jesse: I call for a treaty

The Camp of Jesse:  I call for a treaty
“Just when I thought I was out, his fans pull me back in…”
Over the last few months, there has been a running gag or non-feud with the MTV personality Jesse Camp.  I’m not sure if Mr. Camp is even aware of this running “non-feud”.  Somehow, after posting one negative blog post about him last year, it has spawned a back and forward with some of his fans and his extended family.  I get a kick out of all the negative comments about a guy from MTV circa 1990s.
So, flash-forward to today when I get another bloody comment.
Here’s the comment from an anonymous commenter, ((Anonymous said...
The fact that you are trying to diss anybody about there job is pathetic! I think it's cool that he had a job. Especially in this economy now. Get over your self.))
Hey, Anon, the guy has probably done better for himself than both of us, you the bagger at a grocery store and I the stupid blogger.  I know that you think it is cool that he had a job. 
I’m going to let you in on a little secret.  Everyone is supposed to have jobs…with the exception of Jon Gosselin.  The fact you think that’s cool makes me feel an a little uneasy about your state of mind.  Then again, I’m a blogger that enjoys bashing 90s VJs for no apparent reason.  So, I guess it’s the pot calling the kettle black. 
Then you use the “In this economy” excuse.  This has been used far too long for my taste.  He had a gig in the 90s when the “economy” was booming, and MTV wasn’t a network full of trashy Jersey Shore people and Teenage Parents.  Hell, I miss the days of Camp muttering aimlessly to the camera.  Can we bring back Camp and Pauly Shore to MTV?
As far as “getting over myself”, I will take note of that and will attempt to “over” myself repeatedly this weekend.  Did I just type that out?  Crap…where’s the override, the override?
Anyway, I’m willing to sign a peace treaty with Mr. Camp and his camp by watching his two starring roles in movies. 
Crossroads : I can’t wait to sit down and watch Britney Spears’ masterpiece and waiting to watch for his part.
Skin Walker : Words can not express my desire to watch any movie with the words Skin and Walker in it.  Is this a sequel to the Chuck Norris movie Firewalker (1986)?

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