Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Fox vs. "mob"

Fox News and Black People aren't a good mix. Plus, you can throw in a story involving IHOP too.
Second camera angle
Okay, the story behind this incident is the people in the parking lot were mourning the death of a young man that had a fight with another person inside and outside the IHOP. What is with pancakes and people causing violence. I will probably never go to another IHOP again.
The news crew came onto the scene and started asking question. Some of the mourners didn't want the crew there to ask questions. So, they got angry. Somehow, the news sites are reporting it as being an “mob”. Ten-eight people doesn't really make up a mob.
What is interesting about the video is the very tall female camerawoman gets her hair pulled by another woman, but it is actually the reporter that knocked her down. The part I really disagree with is the guy in white kicking her while she is on the ground. That's pretty crappy.
For me, I would have told the mourners to simply ignore the new crew and went about their business. And, after the third non-answer, I would have moved on if I were the news crew. If I were the news guy, I would have went over to the mourners and asked if they wanted to talk while on camera.   

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