Thursday, February 17, 2011

Random Thoughts

Random Thoughts
~Re-watching DS9 “Emissary”: I'm currently going through the first episode and I am amazed on how much the show was good within the first episode. They seemed to get a handle on the characters from the start. While Rick Berman tried his best to downplay the darkness of the show, the first episode is very dark. The opening space battle with the Borg was impressive at the time and still holds up today. I still love the awkward meeting between Picard and Sisko. These are two different officers that probably would not have gotten along under normal circumstances.

~Automan review by Brad Jones: Holy crap, I actually remember this short-lived show. I remember loving the Automan car that zipped sideways between traffic. Glen Larson knew that this show was a direct response to Tron, so even brought in some of the Tron people to work on FX in order to keep from getting a lawsuit from Disney. But, I don't Disney really care about Tron at that point. Disney seemed to renew its interest in the product around the time of Kingdom Hearts II.
~Back to the Future score: I still enjoy listening to this amazing score by Alan Silvestri. I have to say it will be in my top ten favorite scores of all time.
~Why am I so excited about getting a new bicycle seat for tomorrow? It clearly shows I have no life if I am getting hyped about a newer seat to help me ride longer with less pain. That's right I’m talking about my ass again.

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