Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Random Things

Random Things
~ “I remember you”. It is very strange that I had an encounter with a woman that remembered me from grade school (elementary school). Somehow, she remembered me from nearly 30 years. It was an awkward moment because I can barely remember people from high school. What am I supposed to say to someone from grade school? Because I wasn't treated fondly, I can on;y remember moments and not people. Why do people want to remind you of a time way past? I was really-really young.
~Another Halloween done: I am kind of glad this one passed. I've never been a fan of the holiday even as a child. I saw one pizza guy dresses as Freddy, but he didn't have his claw or f'ed up face. So, he was the lame Freddy. Maybe he was Freddy the janitor before his fiery end? Jason is a better outfit because you just need shredded clothes and a hockey mask. (Un-Jason X)
~Leah Remini writes a book about Scientology: I guess they really pissed her off and went after her because many former members don't write “tell-all” books. I had no idea this book was coming out. It seems the Space Church can't have a normal breakup with its former members and some of them spill the beans. I love that she's found a normal religion to get down with instead of the Space Church. From the book, I hate the fact that I have the same issues with chipped cups just like Tom Cruise. Also from the book, it seems these famous people would “report” other people to the higher ups at the church.
~The Rock re-watch: I watched this early Michael Bay movie again. There are some really bad Nic cage lines that almost ruin the movie for me. However, the movie still holds up compared to some of Bay's recent movies. There was a time when Bay wasn't tied down to one franchise. Cage is really the only weak link in this movie, but he's not as bad as he's going to be. There are some strange stereotypes that are annoying, but not as bad Bay's other movies will become.   

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