Friday, November 13, 2015

Powers Boothe on Agents of Shield.

I'm watching one of the episodes of Agents of Shield, and a familiar voice and then a face pops up on the show. It is the character-actor Powers Boothe. Here's the thing; Powers was in the first Avengers movie. Powers played a member of World Security Council in The Avengers. However, Powers wasn't there for Captain America II, which is a good thing for him because most of the Council was killed off.
So, is Powers playing the same character from Avengers? Was his character a member of HYDRA and this is just him now being a bad guy? Many side actors from the movies have reprises their roles, what about Powers?
Have they address this yet? 


MC said...

I think it is heavily implied that he is the same character yes.

Semaj said...

okay, that makes sense. Marvel goes out of its way to keep the same actors as the same characters. Once you're in the Marvel Universe, you're that character. Theyy'll recast, but youre known as that character.

I love that they brought back the President from IM3.

DC seems to take a different approach though. If you starred in a DC movie, you will be back in another role in some form such as Brandon Roth and Paul Rubins.

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