Thursday, November 26, 2015

What are my thoughts on the Captain America Civil War trailer? I loved it. I re-watched Captain America 2 a few times recently and have honestly enjoyed it even more. I love the action the movie and it feels like a modern spy-action movie. This trailer feels like the same thing, but on a bigger scale.
-Bucky seems to be spark that rips Stark and Cap apart. Could we see the Winter Soldier become Captain America 2.0? Perhaps.
-Stark does have a point about Limitations. However, like the comic book story, things will get out of hand for his side of the conflict.
-No Spider-man appearance: Something tells me they're keeping this one under wraps until we get closer to the release date.
-War Machine hurt: We see IM hold a wounded War Machine. Damn.
-Watch the shield: There is a cool moment where Bucky throws the shield back to Cap in mid-punch and Cap catches it without missing a beat. That was cool.
-It looks like Agents of Shield's inhuman thing will tie into this storyline.  And, it will be interesting to see how Daredevil s2 ties in.  Keep in mind season one was tied to the first Avengers movie.  


MC said...

If Stark has Vision, then Team Cap needs Scarlet Witch to even things out in terms of power levels.

Semaj said...

You're right. Here's the thing, scarlet Witch has the potential to be super overpowered if she is pushed. In the main Marvel Universe, she pushed herself so hard that she changed the shape of the Marvel universe and changed the timeline twice, She depowered most of the mutants, But I think she's the only one that can take on vision.

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