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Supergirl First Thoughts

Supergirl First Thoughts
You know I really liked this show a lot. I really enjoyed the first episode. Plus, there are tons of nods to the greater DC Comics lore. I wanted to give some thoughts on the first episode. Like other DC TV shows, the writing is very strong.  
-Superman Lives: He's in the pilot, but plays such a side role that I like it. I love that he's already established in the world. He shouldn't show up that much anyway.
-Dean Cain makes a cameo: Blink and you'll miss him in the montage of flashbacks in the first few minutes. Basically, he will become Kara's stepfather. Will he show up in more episodes? Right now, he's only listed for one episode. BTW, DC loves bringing back pass actors to play different parts.
-Helen Slater also shows up in the same cameo scene: She was the original Supergirl way back in the day. Nice touch, DC.
-Melissa Benoist is prefect as Kara/Supergirl: I like they've gone more of the bright chipper Supergirl than the brooding one. She actually enjoys being a superhero just like Flash. She's a very good actress and is very cute. And, she knows how to wear that Supergirl outfit, damn.
-Mehcad Brooks is Jimmy Olsen: Yes, this isn't the pale, skinny, redhead Jimmy Olsen. This Olsen is a black man and he's super fit. Plus, Kara has a major crush on him. Also, Jimmy (James) knows who is Superman and the identity of Kara's alter-ego .
- Hank Henshaw is the DC version of Marvel's movie Nick Fury. He's in charge of this government group that fights off alien attacks. It seems the show is going to pair up Supergirl with on certain missions. Plus, Henshaw doesn't like aliens or Supergirl. Also, Henshaw in the comics becomes a major super villain that turns into Superman Cyborg/Cyborg. He is also the guy that completely destroys Coast City aka GL's home. I am guessing they're going to turn him into a bad guy on the show too.
-Calista Flockhart is great: Other than banning Han Solo, she really hasn't in much of anything. However, she's great as a bitchy media CEO. She seems to be like Peter Parker's newspaper boss, but a little edgier and more power. She almost fires Kara in the first episode and I am really digging this character. I can't wait to see where they go with this character.

-Supergirl the name: I love that Kara didn't name herself that and even nods to feminism with “girl” name. It is the media (namely Flockhart's character) that forces the name on her. She hates it, but the name sticks.   

 While I am a straight male and I would love to see her walk around in this thing, I don't think this early outfit would work out for her all day.  
 Her stage II outfit is more like her one from the early 2000s and her cartoon uniform.  BTW, I love the glasses.  

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