Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Mother uses donation money to buy a car...

Mother uses donation money to buy a car...
I've been critical of my own community for a long time, but even this story shocks me because of the sheer balls on this woman.
It is a horrible thing for a parent to lose a child. I've seen it happen a number of times in my life time. It leaves a hole in your life that's for sure. And, I can feel for this mother.
From NY Daily News, ((Tyshawn Lee, who was walking to his grandmother’s house Monday afternoon, was “lured” into an alley and executed in what McCarthy called “probably the most abhorrent, cowardly, unfathomable crime that I’ve witnessed in 35 years of policing.” ))
From Ny Daily News, ((The boy’s mother, Karla Lee, has admitted using the money donated through GoFundMe to buy the car but insisted it was what her son would have wanted to keep her safe.
Big-hearted friends and strangers had donated more than $17,000 to a GoFundMe page headlined “Help me lay my baby to rest.” ))
Yes, she took the 17,000 that was meant for her son's burial and bought a brand new 2015 Chrysler 200 . She took the money and used it on herself. How callous do you have to be? Basically, she lied to the online public about the costs, because she never had to pay for them. Then, she took the money and spent it on herself. And, people don't see there is a major problem in the black community that goes beyond what Black Lives Matter?
We are fighting a culture within the community that thinks black lives don't matter. If you would have really cared about your son, you would have taken the donations toward a reward into finding her son's murderer, but something tells me that is considered snitching.
We focus on the curpt cops, which is right, but ignore the terrible violence being caused by our own people against our own people. Yet, the hash-tag movement tends to ignore this stuff. Instead of giving donations to these people, make up funding groups to bring more books and learning tools into inter-city schools, let's create funds to find the killers. 
We have to find and fix the problem from the ground up.   

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