Sunday, November 08, 2015

Jem and the Holograms: Failed

Jem and the Holograms: Failed
From Huffington Post, ((None of the weekend's flops will garner as much attention as "Jem and the Holograms," though, which opened to $1.3 million to become one of the worst debuts of all time for a major studio movie opening in over 2,000 locations. Based on the 1980s animated series, the film opened on 2,413 screens, averaging $545 per screen, to take 15th place. ))
Well, this movie just shat all over the cartoon franchise. This movie was also crowd-funded too, but it seems not even the fans of the cartoon series even bothered to watch the movie. Part of me really takes comfort that no one supported this movies because it seems they took out all the magic and tech stuff and just made a shitty teen/pop movie despite the fact Jem is more of superhero/hero type of person.
Why take away all that and make a band movie?
Now here's the thing, the movie only took 5 million to make so they might make it back, but I doubt it at this point. With such a small budget, they still couldn't break even. And, I think the first trailer really hurt the movie. Plus, it only has 20% on RT.
I guess we'll get another reboot in another 10 years.

And, they didn't even bother to bring the theme song back. Really?   

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