Monday, November 30, 2015

Rick and Morty : Inter-Universe Tv shows: Real Fake Doors

Rick and Morty : Inter-Universe Tv shows
I needed a really good laugh and I finally saw the episode where Rick and Morty watch really goofy shows from different universes. I've never laughed as hard as I have in this episode because it is totally silly.
The Fake Doors commercial
“Oh my God, it's still the commercial.”
I freaking love this ad. It starts out with one silly thing, the fake doors, and goes off the rails with the camera continuing to film him going home. I freaking love Rick and Morty's reactions to this ad. And, the ad starts again after he makes a sandwich.
Side Note: The episode also addresses the fact Rick and Morty are NOT the same versions from this universe. When they totally screwed up their home Earth so badly they couldn't fix it, they jumped to this universe after this universe's Rick and Morty died in an accident. They buried their counterparts in the backyard and took over as if nothing happened. So, all the other characters are different yet the same with out only Rick and Morty being the originals from early in the season.

Well, Morty actually admits that he's not really the real brother to his sister and shows her where they buried the bodies. I thought the show would forget that technically this isn't the home planet to this pair of Rick and Morty. It's kind of f'ed up isn't it.   

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