Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Glenn Morshower in Supergirl

Glenn Morshower in Supergirl
I love watching this guy in everything he's in. He's been in every franchise out there it seems. I laughed when he showed up on Supergirl. He plays General Sam Lane (Lois Lane's father). I laughed because he was just on Agents of Shield pretty much playing the same character (General Jacobs).
So, not only did he play a general in both the Marvel and DC universes, he also played a Colonel in the X-Men universe and he also played yet another General (twice different characters) in the Transformers universe. He also played a couple roles in the Trek universe and let's not forget his popular role in 24.
If you want a stern officer type, cast Glenn in your role. I mean he is always playing military guys in everything.  
I remember him first from his role in TNG.  Then, he showed up in Star Trek Generations.  

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