Monday, December 14, 2015

ID4-2: Independence Day: Resurgence Trailer

ID4-2:  Independence Day: Resurgence  Trailer
Okay, I still think an ID4 sequel is completely unnecessary. It should be an one and done type of movie similar to the ET movie (Yet, there were plans for an ET sequel too, but they were scrapped.). And, some of plot points and dialogue lines are really bad in the first movie, but it is still a very good popcorn flick.
And, how can you do an ID4 movie without Will Smith? Too pricey?
Yep, allegedly Will Smith is not in this sequel. The trailer implies that new cast member Liam Hemsworth is the “model swap” for Will Smith. Why create a different part when you just “change all” on the name in the script and just make some minor changes? Here's hoping he brings some kind of charm to the character in the same way as Smith, but I doubt it. Despite FOX saying the Smith character died in the mid-2000s, I think we might see a cameo with his character somewhere.
And, yes, I actually sort of liked the trailer.  I do like some things about the movie.  And, it looks pretty good.  
 taking the leading role in a sequel?  Are we getting vibes from The Lost World here?  
-Bill Pullman  looks like a skinny and less crazy Randy Quaid of today in the trailer. I'm guessing he's not the president anymore, but he has to become a leader again.
-Fresh Prince Jr.: Will Smith's character might be dead, but it looks like his son is a fighter pilot.
-Using Alien technology: I like the concept of the world governments using the tech to upgrade their technology in defense. However, the new alien threat has 20 plus years to upgrade their technology.
-I heard about a script floating around that was a sequel to ID4.  It had details about the “masters” to the first aliens showing up to seek revenge. Did they just dust off that old script and bring it back?  I'm getting that feeling with the super big ship.  
-Roland Emmerich is back to direct: This might be a major problem for the movie. Roland's movies have gotten progressively worst over the years to the point of being unwatchable. Can he still do a good movie?
-Producer Dean Devlin is back with Emmerich again: Some time in the 2000s, they seemed to have had a falling out and stopped working together. Devlin moved onto TV shows, while Emmerich kept making shitty movies. With Devlin back, he could riegn Emmerich in.  
Will Smith:  "Now, that's what I call being written out of a sequel." 

 Yet, another Lost World vibe.  

 He looks like Randy.  Was this on purpose?  

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