Thursday, December 17, 2015

Random Things

 Random Things
~Re-watching Dexter: Showtime ha dumped the entire series of Dexter onto its on-demand on cable. I love the sheer zany nature of that first season. James Doakes is also my favorite character on the show. He hates Dexter and seems to know he's a bit off. I also like how Doakes is rude and crude to everyone. I really am not a fan of Rita and her side story stuff. I just can't get into the domesticated junk. I understand it is a cover for Dexter, but damn they spend a lot of time on it. It is also funny to see how much technology has changed since the mid-2000s. Surprise MF'er.
~Putin and Trump would get along well: Well, that makes sense. Both like to clamp down on personal rights. Both have big and shitty personalities. And, love that Putin calls Trump “Bright and Talented”. Having these two in power would make this planet a terrible place. Could you imagine the chaos around the planet with these two egos in power? How about a reality show with these two fools. You can't make this shit up.
~The New Star Wars movie: I am going to try to watch this movie sometime this weekend. I want to avoid most of the fanboys. Right now, the movie is hovering at 95%. It looks like people are really liking this movie, and JJ has out Lucas-ed Lucas. The cast seems to get the major praise from the critics. I will probably have my review up in a few days after I watch it. (in parts) I'm sure Lucas is disinterested in this movie because they ignored all his suggestions.   

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