Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Chris Chan banned from Gamestop...again...again

Chris Chan banned from Gamestop
First off, damn Chris Chan is looking very unhealthy. I might need to get himself checked out.

Yes, I almost thought this letter was fake and sent to Chris by one of his million of trolls. It feels like this letter being overall nice despite the nature of the letter. However, GS would ban a guy that has had multiple incidents with the company. Chris Chan has not only been banned from his hometown Gamestop due his attack on an employee, but he's been banned from all Gamestops in VA. (He maced a worker)
I also love that GS suggested should use their on-line option after banning him from their stores. We still want to make money off of you. Since Chris Chan doesn't work, he either plays his Wii U games or goes to the mall and into GS. I am not sure what he's going to do now. 
However...I am still partly of the opinion that this letter might be a fake one. Some people online have been discussing the letter and pointing out the little things that don't ring true. Heck, even the confused Chris Chan doesn't know if this letter is legit.
BTW, Chris, if you're going to pass yourself as a woman, you might want to shave that 5-o'clock shadow and cover that receding hairline.

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