Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Derek Savage and Cool Cat and copyright

Derek Savage and Cool Cat
Remember that Skateman Intense Rescue copyright strike against Jim Sterling? Well, this happened again with the shitty Cool Cat video. Derek took it toward the Peter Coffin route and allegedly created his own law firm to fake a response. So, did Derek out Peter Coffin? (Make sure to read about Peter Coffin's fake girlfriend and lawyers. Google it.)
And, the copyright strikes aren't used for infringement, but because the creator is usually butt-hurt and wants to control criticism. People will remember that Jim Sterling had a couple of strikes due to some indie developers getting butt-hurt over a freaking review. At least the Skateman guys admitted that they did it only to shut down criticism, but Savage hides behind infringement.
Like the Skateman guys, the copyright claim expired and it went away from IHE's channel and the other YT people effected. BTW, I love that Savage makes an anti-bullying video yet uses copyright claims to bully someone from criticizing his anti-bullying video. Savage is actually a very mean bully that even uses curse worlds to address IHE in his reply e-mails. Then, fakes e-mails (allegedly) with other movie holders. He then hides behind copyright laws to clamp down on criticism.
While I don't agree with everything Jim says(he does have some good discussions no matter what side of the argument), he did make video about about YouTube protecting against fake takedown claims. Yes, it seems there seems to be some defending against fake takedowns.
These takedowns are merely being used as a “chilling effect” against criticism and being butthurt. YouTube really needs to revamp their copyright notices. With this fallout, everyone now knows that Savage is a prick that is out of touch. And, now he has his own ED entry, congrats.

Oh, and make sure to check out his Geo-Cities type website cicia 1996. I am not making this up. I thought my blog was shitty.  

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