Monday, December 28, 2015

ST. Matthews Mall riot?

 ST. Matthews Mall riot?
Because I am totally out of the loop about local things, I only heard about this incident from a rider I drove from the airport. They were out of town and heard about it in that city they were in. They mentioned it to me and I had no idea what had happened.
They couldn't believe the news stated that 2 thousand teenagers ran amok in the east-end of a Louisville Mall. Now, I could say ST. Matthews isn't part of Louisville, because it has its own police force, but it is a part of Louisville. Jeffersontown, ST. Matthews and Louisville PD had to come in to calm things down.
When I see news reports, I keep seeing black teens running pass the camera and people aren't really addressing it. Remember, we had an incident on the waterfront were a mob of black teens went on a rampage attacking people,cars and stores. Again, people didn't address this factor in reporting it. We had another incident happen in Memphis where a bunch of teenage black kids went on a similar rampage and attack people and caused damage.
When I was a teen, I can't remember things like this happening. It just feels like our black youths (yuts) seem to be more uncontrollable and cause major damage and chaos in their wake. No one from the left-leaning media or even the police department don't want to address this. There is a growing problem in the black community and no one (including Black Lives Matters) want to talk about. I think the problem does start with the parents and the culture we've built over the 30 plus years after the civil rights.
I shake my head every time I see an incident like this.
BTW, NO ONE has been arrested for this thing. Really?
And, let's get into another aspect of this story. Due the large amount of black kids involved in this, there will be some racial blow-back. Being a black person in D'ville, I am willing to bet most of these kids are coming from West and South end and parts of downtown (smoke town). They're entering an area that's upper middle to high class in the Oxmor/Matthews area. Given this incident, these rich people are going to be more likely to push anyone that doesn't fit their demo out of the area, including the two malls, which are almost next door to each other (I'm not making this up. They're 2-3 minutes away from each other.) We'll get an environment similar to the one that happened on Fourth Street, where they aggressively tried to keep the “darker complexions” out of the area. And, you remember the things they did to keep us out. You're going to see these same things applied here. I don't agree with it, but you give the racists the tools they need to segregate us from their areas.

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