Saturday, December 12, 2015

Random Things

Random Things
~Wait, Kirk Douglas is still alive: This falls under the whole, “I didn't know he was still alive” category. He's 99 years old. Damn and he just had a birthday. Given my family's history, I will be lucky to make it to age 60 let alone 99. Michael Douglas isn't a string chicken either. And, congrats to Michael for getting onto Ant-Man 2.
~Deadshot and Batman team-up for a Batman movie. That would connect Will Smith with Ben Affleck to a movie. Would WB be willing to spend so much money on Will Smith, because he doesn't come cheap? Or, has Smith really lowered his pay rates? This announcement seems to have come out of nowhere. And, we're still not sure Suicide Squad will be a hit. Out of all the WB projects, this one is the biggest risk. If Squad fails, this make WB switch gears. I still think WB isn't building their universe the proper way (IE bringing the live TV projects into the same universe. Hell, they could have even brought in Supergirl into the movie-verse with a certain “hatch” being open in Man of Steel.)

~Speaking of DC: I hate that they seem to be doing everything wrong as far as world-building goes. They're hell-bent on keeping their properties separate and it might hurt them. Gotham isn't connected to Arrow and Flash. Supergirl “might” not be connected with Arrow and Flash. The DC movies aren't in the same universe as the live action shows. It is really disppointing to see this because I LOVE DC Comics over Marvel. And, DC goes to great lenghs to keep their comic-verse well-connected. Yet, it is Marvel that has a nicely connected live action universe where dozens of things are happening at once with all the Netflix and ABC shows that are impacted by the movies. Why cast for another Flash? People tend to care when all these things are locked together and might have an impact on other things.
~Now Ben Carson is threatening to leave the GOP for an independent bid. First it was Trump, which I hope leaves the party, now Carson is threatening to grab his ball and go play in another playground. There seems to be so much anger in the GOP race that isn't there for DEMs. And, I love how FOX news is doing everything it can to destroy Trump, but nothing sticks. FOX really doesn't want Trump in office, but they seem to have little influence on his followers. I would love to see Trump drop out so at least there can be a better discussion about the differences between the DEMs and REPs instead of all this loud shouting and hatred.   

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