Friday, December 04, 2015

Up Down Album: Reactions to Reactions...

Up Down Album: Reactions to Reactions...
Yes, this video still makes me laugh.
I love when the Internet makes fun of itself. The YouTuber I Hate Everything did a rant video about reaction Youtube video people. While I like the reaction videos, but I love that I Hate Everything's rant. Well, someone isolated the parody animated video and made it a legit video from IHE on YT.
Then, they recommended reaction YouTubers watch the Up Down Album not realizing they're self parodying themselves.
I love the utter confusion from the Reaction people after the video. This is brilliant. Make sure to read the comments, because they're just as amusing.
Then, the Reaction YouTube community commented on the IHE reaction video. So, IHE reacted to the reaction people reacting to IHE reaction video. That was one of the most confusing things I've ever written.
This is all meta beyond anything.

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