Thursday, November 22, 2007

Cameo’s song Word Up

Different versions of Cameo’s song Word Up

The original

Sill the best…

Korn’s cover of ‘Word Up”

Creepy human dog and a pretty good rock version of the song.


The Boss Hoss cover of ‘Word Up’ A redneck country version of Cameo's song, and I love it!

Uh, Mel B does a version

I don’t like it at all.

Another version
Not bad, I don’t like the video.

Cadbury's Gorilla vs Cameo

I have nothing to say, but I like it.

Two balding white guys sing the song
I love it! They are good. They are feeling it. You have to see this one!

A marching band does a cover of the song



PJ said...

Classic tune! Did you like Mariah's cover of Candy?

Semaj said...

Yeah, it was pretty good. Mariah can actually sing when compared to some of these other folks in the Music Industry. Her early stuff is really good.

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