Friday, December 09, 2016

Spider-Man Homecoming Trailer

Spider-Man Homecoming
Damn, Marvel, you got it right again. The smartest thing Sony did was keep the rights, but let Marvel take the leading role creatively. (I also think Sony now shares the merchandising rights with Marvel.) We got to see a sneak peak into the new Spider-Man character in Civil War and I loved it. Here he gets his first movie set in the Marvel universe (will there be shout-outs to Luke Cage and DD?). The trailer seems to carry over the troll-ish behavior of the Amazing Spider-Man and the humor of the first two Spider-Man movies. Will there be a mixture of Ultimate Spider-Man in there too? 
Good stuff, Marvel.  DC, get your act together.  
Yeah, the trailer made me smile.
-Space Age technology from the robbers: Hmm, I am guessing this will play a bigger role in the plot of the movie. These aren't your normal thieves, except with their Avengers masks, which is very amusing.
-Nerd Awkwardness: This seems so real to me. Yes, I was that awkward nerd/geek that would stare at the girl of my dreams...from a distance in high school. That clip seems like a teen comedy doesn't it?
-Tony Stark being a father-figure and a dick: Pure, Robert Downey Jr. I love it. He's the connection to the overall Marvel universe. Plus, Jon Favreau is Happy again. I am really looking forward to this relationship. Plus, we get Iron-Man in a suit with Spider-Man. Great team-up awaits us.
-Michael Keaton as the Bad guy: We're getting dark Keaton. He seems to be channeling a blue collar type villain. I like that Batman is now a bad guy. Remember, Keaton was very much a comedic actor early in his career. 

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