Friday, December 09, 2016

Yoda Tonberries: FFXV

Yoda Tonberries: FFXV
If you have played Final Fantasy games, you are aware of the dick-ish Tonberry monsters. They are slow moving creatures in hoods that have a lot of HP. Plus, they carry around a butchers knife and a lantern. Creepy. While Malboro monsters are worst, these are my second worst monsters to encounter. 

From the FF wiki, ((In battle, Tonberries advance towards the player party and when close use their signature Chef's Knife attack, which either does massive damage or instantly kills a party member. If attacked, they Counter with Karma or Everyone's Grudge, doing damage to the attacker based on how many enemies they have slain. Compounding their offensive strength is their high HP. ))
They also had the ability “Everyone's Grudge”, which usually spelled trouble for your group.
Well, now FFXV has updated the Tonberries to Jedi status. They're faster and carry lightsabers/knifes. And, one player makes fun of the cooking knife.
A mod for FFT added them to that game. And, they are horrible in that game too.

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