Thursday, December 15, 2016

Trump's Bump

Trump's Bump
This truly is pretty crazy how they all got it wrong. And, now we got this “fake news” bump from the same group of media people. Even NPR is pushing this narrative.
I've been staying away from talking about Trump due to the anger and hated surrounding his election win. I have always hated Trump and I think it is shameful that he used hatred and racism scare tactics to get where he is and he is now turning away from some of those early remarks. And, now the GOP is having second thoughts about some of the decisions he made before becoming president. I think the GOP will shut down many of his anti-globalization issues.
I hated Clinton and Trump so much that I almost didn't vote this year. And, I probably won't vote in the next election. However, this election seemed different.  You have Trump voters acting like complete dicks and Clinton supporters saying some really outlandish things.  I have never seen people take politics so seriously.  
I don't want him to fail, but I just get the feeling both the Dems and the GOP will set him up for failure. I don't like him, but if he fails, we all fail.
However, he did win the election.

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