Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Steven Seagal is World of Warships

Steven Seagal is World of Warships
And, like a wet fart, another legend begins...
I was watching a West World video and someone had a World of Warship banner on a website. My attention went the banner. Is that Steven Seagal? I quickly went to the YouTube search and discovered the golden ticket that is World of Warships and shit-maker Steven Seagal. I like following Seagal's career or lack of one because he was/is a proto-Nic Cage in a way mixed with a bit of Shaq. He has done so many shitty things, yet still manages to work.
I guess between his trips to Russia and making his own energy drinks, Seagal decided to attach himself to one of those “free to play” games. I am guessing he needed some money to get more cheese burgers.
Plus, they added his bored voice to the came as a Captain (?). He is phoning it in, but that's is part of the charm of current Seagal. He doesn't give a shit and just hangs out with his friend Putin on the weekends.
It actually makes sense to have him attached the game. He was in the Under Siege movie which was based on a decommissioning Warship/Battleship.
And, do you want a good laugh? Check out the “story” covering Seagal's involvement in the damn game. It is rather amusing to read.
So, when you're out for justice, marked for death, and under siege, go out and play World of Warships...I suppose. I feel worst for wear for even writing that.
When Steven calls you, he's ordering pizza.

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