Thursday, December 01, 2016

Chris Chan and the Angry Medallion

Chris Chan and the Angry Medallion
I love watching train wrecks like Chris Chan mistreat his fans. I found out about a story where Chris Chan was selling his Sonichu Medallions. One customer (Mr. Smith) was mad at Chris and disputed his payment on PayPal.
He and Chris Chan had it out through messages. Chris sort of relented and sent him a Sonichu Medallion, but with a huge difference from the rest. He sent Mr. Smith a medallion with an angry-faced Sonichu with orange eyes...just to be a dick.
Here's what an good Sonichu looks like.

Most of the medallions have a happier expression. He sent this one out JUST to get back at Mr. Smith.  I love that Chris took the time to make a completely different one just to get back at Mr. Smith. 
From the Chris Chan Wiki, ((I did not send you the wrong medallion, I PURPOSELY molded, Drew and colored it to BE ANGRY at YOU, for your constant stubborn attitude and Bullying. And you certainly are bucking up to be worthy of my own anger as well. Accurate Item; MADE CUSTOM JUST FOR YOU, [omitted]! Hmmpf! ))
I am a man-child myself and even I have to say this is beyond childish. It should also be noted that Chris Chan also doxed Mr. Smith too.
To settle the issue, Smith requested a drawing. This is what he got back with a normal Sonichu. 

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