Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Club Mario, Remember this crap?

Club Mario
Despite the Internet having very little on it, I actually remember this piece of crap. These were wrap-around segments for the animated Super Brothers Super Show cartoon. People remember the cartoon, but not these segments.
It was a replacement for Danny Wells and Lou Albano that played the Mario Brothers.
Instead of old men playing the Mario Brothers, we got these two “extreme” teens named Tommy Treehugger and Co MC, which I find amusing given this was the beginning of the extreme era. At the time, I liked the live Mario Brothers segments better. I think most people hated the Club Mario phase the most.
The two characters seemed out of place in a cartoon show based on two plumbers in a warped world. They seemed more like Sonic the Hedgehog fans than Mario fans to me. I find this format to be similar to the way Twitch streamers are popular today. Trying to watch these segments are brutal to get through, but you should try.
Breaking the fourth wall episode

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