Monday, December 12, 2016

Surge (Rant)

Surge (Rant)
Un-Trigger Warning: A person at work told me one of my readers is a huge Surge fan, so this isn't an attack against you or other normal Surge fans, but...

I love the 90s, but there are certain things I look back at with disdain. Surge was one of them.
I was at a restaurant and there a dickhead type of guy that was loud and a bit rude. Turning my direction, he wore a green Surge shirt. Really? I thought they burned all of those shirts. I knew he was wearing this Surge shirt ironically like a hipster. He was kind of a meat head, but slightly out of shape. He just came across as a major douche bag and the Surge shirt just reinforced that stereotype.
It got me thinking about that period when Surge ruled the airways. Before we all got sensitive with micro-aggression and other bullshit, we had to put up with this extreme sports mambo-jumbo and Surge was at the forefront. 

I mean having a Surge shirt is like having a Tap-Out shirt...or it is the nerd/soft drink version of a Dragon shirt. I am going to go through great pains to void interacting with you or even breathing in the same air. Certain already sum up what kind of person you.
Surge was that drink people bought when they felt Mountain Dew wasn't extreme enough for them. The ads promoted that “extreme” notion too. You want to be more extreme than Mountain Dew? Then pick up Surge and make sure you shout Surge too. I might randomly shout out “Surge!” just to piss people off.
BTW, it was called Urge in other markets. 
 Even the damn vending machine is annoyingly loud and stupid.  Hey, it is in your face right?  

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