Sunday, December 25, 2016

MTV, you're doing it wrong. (Cloning Buzzfeed)

MTV, you're doing it wrong. (Cloning Buzzfeed)
Oh, boy, this is a train wreck. I am left center and even I started to see that MTV has changed over the last couple of years. While I think MTV was at its worst in the 2000s with its horrid reality shows, it seems like they've gone in another direction. The show I really have a problem with is Decoded. That show really upsets with its undying support of BLM.
Though I still haven't forgiven you for Jersey Shore and Teen Mom.  And, that Pauly Shore show on the network.  
Before it gets deleted, here is a mirror.
The best part is what happened after the video was posted and MTV's reaction to their reaction.
Before the video was completely taken down by MTV, they kept taken it down and bringing it back up repeatily in order to reset the dislikes. Really? Just do the “Turn off comments” and “Turn off like/Dislike buttons”.
From The Blaze, ((“Let’s see how many dislikes we can keep giving this piece of s**t video by MTV to see how many times they delete it and repost it to clear out the dislikes!” one commenter wrote. “Any bets?!” ))

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