Friday, December 02, 2016

Wonder Woman vs. Stevie Wonder: ERB

Wonder Woman vs. Stevie Wonder
Once again the ERB guys made another good video. Both artists are extremely good in their rapping. And, whoever plays WW is really good and holds her own.
-Stealing from Ray Charles: Ouch. I remember people asking which one of them was better? Ray Charles or Stevie Wonder?
-Amazon Prime: That is a nice twist on words.
-Broke the mold: Yep, in many continuities, Wonder Woman is born from clay. Yes, you read that right.
-Batman Mention: Yep, in many universes Batman and WW have had a relationship. At one point, Bruce was dating WW and Catwoman at the same time.
-DC being a whole step down: Ouch, that is a jab at DC with Marvel movies being better.
-WW TV show mention: This might be a jab at both WW the old show and the WW un-aired pilot.

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